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Does Jesus Care?

Devotion for April 2021

On February 21st this year, Pastor sang the favorite hymn, “Does Jesus Care” by Pastor Frank E. Graeff (1860 – 1919)     which was written in 1900.  The story behind the hymn is as follows:

The Graeffs had a beautiful young girl.  As the custom of the day, ladies wore floor length  dresses.  Their home was heated with fireplaces or wood burning stoves.  Their daughter got too close to the fireplace and her long skirt caught on fire. The fire consumed her clothing rapidly; nothing could be done and she was burned to death.

Pastor Graeff was overcome with grief, as we can imagine.  His thoughts of turmoil and sadness reminded him of the hymn, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” written by J. Scriven 75 years earlier.  He found himself dropping to his knees. The Lord revived him and Pastor Graeff went on to be called the “Sunshine Minister” of the Philadelphia area.

Yes, Jesus Christ was his only hope and answer for eternity as He is ours also!


Oh YES, He cares!  I know He cares.  His heart is touched

with my grief; When the days are weary, the long nights dreary; I know my savior cares.”

The information about Pastor Graeff was from the nickelnotesblogspot.com and the Family Bible Time –- you-tube.

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